HGP Group is a member service organization that represents over 1,300 facilities across the United States. HGP member facilities have increased their buying power to achieve substantial savings on products and services by pooling their volume and multiplying their purchasing power – resulting in millions of dollars in savings each year!


Saving money for members by combining purchasing power in order to acheive a lower cost of goods and services. Our mission is guided by four founding principals:

FREE MEMBERSHIP  Membership with HGP is simple. No membership fee, no minimum purchase commitment, no risk involved. Currently, over 1,400 facilities utilize 73 manufacturers—a partnership that offers over one million goods and services: from equipment and furnishings, energy to foodservice and much more.
MAXIMUM SAVINGS  Unlike other GPOs, HGP is a 'lean' member service organization, with a minimized overhead to provide members with the maximum in savings.
HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES  HGP requires that vendors and products meet strict group terms and conditions, assuring a high quality of goods and services.
MEMBER DRIVEN  Member satisfaction is a top priority. HGP is very responsive to members' input and requirements. HGP staff is available at standard business hours EST and can be reached at 800.575.2667.


Membership with HGP is straightforward and easy. Typical membership processing is same day: complete and fax your Application for Free Membership and begin saving today! No membership fee, no minimum purchase commitment, no risk involved. And with rebates and/or discounts on over 1,000,000 products and services offered through a company with 24 years of experience, membership couldn't be any wiser!


Membership eligibility accommodates any facility.


How much can I expect to save with HGP?
Anywhere from 2 to 40% - depending on the savings agreement(s) with which you choose to participate.

Why do the savings range so greatly?
HGP offers 17 individual savings contracts; a comprehensive offering that covers the bulk of facility expenditures. HGP offers you the freedom to choose which savings agreements are right for you.

Is HGP a sanctioned group purchasing organization (GPO)?
HGP complies with all federal and state regulations governing GPO's. This allows HGP to provide services to all facilities whether private, county, state or federally owned.

My facility is a member of HGP and uses some of the vendors that HGP has group contracts with — does this mean we are getting the HGP contract prices for purchases?
Not necessarily. HGP and the vendor must be notified that you wish to participate in a particular HGP contract. Some vendors require a letter of participation to receive contract pricing. Please call HGP at 800.575.2667 for details.

How do we get started?
Complete and fax your Free Membership Application to 609-395-1007 and begin saving today!