Our portfolio of savings agreements saves millions of dollars, year after year. Benefits include:

• 1,000,000 Products and Services.
The HGP Portfolio offers a comprehensive selection of savings agreements for nearly all of your facility expenditures.

• High Quality Goods and Services.
Member satisfaction is paramount. We therefore require that all vendors and products meet strict group terms and conditions, assuring a high quality of goods and services.

• Individual Savings Agreements - That Members Choose.
HGP negotiates manufacturer rebates and/or deviated pricing under the guidance and direction of members. Members then choose the vendors for which they would like to receive discounted pricing - with no minimum purchase - giving our members total freedom of choice.

• Trust in Experience.
With 30 years of experience, HGP has the knowledge and that you can rely on to help save you money.

If you would like to sign up with any of our Food Service, Medical-Surgical, or Facilities Maintenance vendors, complete our Application for Free Membership or contact us at 800-575-2667 /


The HGP Foodservice Program was developed by paticipating members as a cost effective alternative to contract management. The focus is keeping costs per resident day within budget. The Food Service portfolio includes USFoods plus individual contracts for milk, ice cream, disposables, coffee + tea, ware washing + laundry chemicals, and small wares.

In addition to USFoods, HGP members can save with:
  • Dean Foods
  • Ellis Coffee - About Ellis Coffee 
  • Jack & Jill Ice Cream
  • Imperial Dade
  • Nestle Nutrition
  • MCR Program: The Manufacturer Cost Reduction Program®

    The MCR Program is offered to member facilities through HGP and USFoods. Participants enjoy HGP negotiated allowances (100% of rebate money is paid quarterly to the participating facilities) and deviated pricing programs (net discounts off invoice) with over 60 national manufacturers. Depending on the product mix, overall savings average between 5% and 15% (and in some cases, as much as 25%).

    HGP calculates the rebates, provides statement details and facilitates payment to the participant either by check or credit memo through USFoods. Each quarter, participants receive a personal savings statement - providing a convenient summary of savings, as well as in-depth details and a historical perspective. It also lists the manufacturers that are not being utilized, offering the opportunity to maximize savings.

    The MCR Program has evolved with the needs of the members. Based on member input, contracts are added, deleted or changed on an ongoing basis, targeting high-priced or high volume items in order to maximize savings and the value of the program.

    Member benefits include:
  • Competitive prices with group oversight monitoring
  • High quality products and services
  • Computerized menu planning
  • Tray card systems
  • Menu printing
  • Available to all market segments (excluding IR)
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    The Maintenance & Hygiene Portfolio includes a broad spectrum of products and services used in the day to day operations of member facilities. This portfolio has been developed by participating members as an effective cost containment tool. The goal is to provide the products, training services and support needed to help departments work more efficiently, while keeping overall costs low.

  • HD Supply -  HD Supply offers more than 20,000 products with freight-free, next-day delivery on most items to most areas and are the only stocking distributor to provide facility maintenance and housekeeping products under one roof. HD Supply field account representatives serve more than 130 markets. They are THE experts in facility maintenance and quality care.
  • Imperial Dade - A full line distributor of paper, packaging, plastics, disposables, chemicals & equipment. They provide the highest quality products and innovative packaging ideas at competitive pricing, from all major manufacturers, such as Solo, Pactiv, Dart, Georgia-Pacific, Kimberly-Clark and Sweetheart, just to name a few.

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    Several agreements with high quality med-surg manufacturers and distributors are in place for HGP members. From wound care to medical gas, equipment and beds, the HGP program addresses many of the medical - surgical needs of member facilities with cost saving group contracts.
  • GTS Welco - The total medical gas and equipment provider. Whether it's pure medical gases, medical gas mixtures or the equipment needed to safely and efficiently administer these products, GTS-Welco is the single source solution..
  • KCI - Therapeutic Support Systems - State-of-the-art pressure reduction technology is provided for high-risk residents at significant savings through HGP's agreement with KCI. The V.A.C.® Therapy system assists in wound closure by applying localized negative pressure to the surface and margins of the wound, facilitating healing. KCI's wound care consultants and service technicians are available 24/7 to assist HGP members in the delivery of high quality pressure sore prevention and treatment.

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  • Village Office Supply - Featuring value and service on office supplies and more… HGP got started with Village by saving 25% off the cost of our newsletter. Because as their slogan promises, ‘a meeting with Village Office Supply will get you started on the road to better value. The time spent today will result in long term savings tomorrow.’
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    The HGP energy contract offers regionally based savings agreements that provide budget certainty and protection from volatile energy prices as well as offering savings over many utility companies.  For a risk-free savings analysis, please call 800-575-2667.

  • Woodruff Energy - Natural Gas Procurement in New Jersey - offers HGP members the ability to take control of energy costs. Woodruff Energy offers a fixed, low rate for budget certainty, or a low variable rate to take advantage of unexpected lows. In either case, Woodruff Energy believes that today's commercial and industrial natural gas customer should be an informed participant in the natural gas buying process. Energy professionals are trained to work in the customer's best interests at all times. This is the cornerstone of over 140 years of customer commitment.
  • Premier Energy Group - A leading energy consulting and brokering company, Premier Energy Group provides professional energy procurement and energy management services to commercial and industrial customers throughout the United States. With services ranging from in-depth energy consulting services to brokering energy supply, Premier Energy has the expertise to help identify opportunities for energy rate savings – including efficient new green energy solutions. Premier has extensive experience in the utility and deregulated energy industry and a proven track record of successfully guiding members through the complexities of the energy procurement process.

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